The mistake that most people make when they plant a tree that they just bought is that they water the plant like they water all other plants in their garden.  The plants then develop roots mainly in the top 40cm of the soil.  As soon as the plant does not receive the regular watering, they dry out within 2 weeks because of the fact that the roots have no depth.  This problem can be rectified by following the instructions mentioned below. Dig a hole as described below.  Fill the bottom part with stones for approximately 20cm.  Position a pipe, of which the bottom edge is cut diagonally, in one corner.  The bottom should be between the stones, while the top should protrude approximately 20cm.  Cover the stones with sand or gravel, after which the hole is filled with the compost mixture.  Position the plant in the hole and water well, so that the soil sinks well.  Hereafter, the plants are watered through the pipe.

planting instructions

The roots grow downward instead of sideways, improving the hardiness of the plant.  Another benefit is the fact that less water is needed, due to the fact that evaporation is limited.  It is recommended that the pipe be plugged with a wooden plug, preventing soil, stones and other object from blocking the pipe.  When nutrients are administered, the pipe can be very useful.  Fill the pipe with fertilizer followed by water.  The nutrient are now at the roots and not on the surface. The mixture with which the hole should be filled should consist of the following:

Trees and shrubs:

  • 1 part compost
  • 1 part topsoil
  • bone meal or superphosphate


  • 2 parts compost
  • 1 part topsoil
  • 1 part river sand

Happy planting!